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Naiara carillo

San Sebastian  Spain,   volunteering 9/2019 - 10/2020



After one year of being with us do you think it was a good match for you to come to our organization ?

I truly believe it, from the first contact via online to see if we were looking for the same thing I felt that connection  with  both, you  and  the  project. An inexplicable feeling  that  pushed  me  without   thinking  for  a moment to Kunštat. Once there, as I was discovering a little bit more of the projects and people every day, everything began to give context to that sensation. Now after completing the year, I feel a deep gratitude, inspiration and home, family and friendship feeling when I think of you.


How much time you volunteered and where within our organization?

I  have  completed  a  year  of  volunteering    in   the  projects,  Jelinek,   the  forest  school,  and  in  Družina,  the afterschool, including the summer camps.


Can you tell me about an aspect of a volunteer experience that you´ve really enjoyed and a part that you wish had been different?

What I have enjoyed most is the opportunity to be part of the great family that has  been  created  around the projects and Kunštat, participating in countless events, traditions, excursions and gatherings. I consider it essential to share the maximum  moments  with  the local people to  understand the concept  and essence of the project and the Czech Republic.

I consider that everything has been perfect as it has happened, since I have learned from each and every one of the unexpected situations. Even so, if I had to choose something I would have done differently, it would be  to  try  harder  with  the  language,  as   I  consider  it  a  fundamental   part   of  getting  the   most  from  the experience.


Tell us a bit about a time of your quarantine. What did you do alone in Kunstat?  

With the luck of living in the forest, I spent the quarantine enjoying it, discovering new corners and visiting nearby villages accessible through it. On the other hand, I took the opportunity to continue learning online in different courses related to education and entrepreneurship and also experimenting and developing new talents and hobbies such as drawing.


You have travelled quite a lot during summer. Is there a place in Czech you would love to visit again? Except Kunstat:) of course. 

I don't need to think about it much, I would certainly come back to CHKO Labské pískovce - Národní park České Švýcarsko, both, Czech and German sides.

Other highlights are Český Krumlov, Národní park Podyjí (Znojmo - Hardegg - Vranov nad Dyjí), Lednicko-valtický areál (Lednice and Míkulov area) and Moravský kras.


Can you tell us if you have learned something really useful for your life?

You have been a constant inspiration. Although it is true that I chose the project because I had in mind to create a similar project, I believe that any person, even if she or he does not intend to create something similar and has not even had knowledge of similar projects before, I faithfully believe that living and sharing in the project and with the people involved will at least make them reflect and ask different questions, which I consider the key to be a better version of ourselves.

My mind does not stop wondering, generating new ideas every second after this experience. I consider that the most valuable thing I have learned - since I have experienced it - among many other things, is that the world will be better if we heal our hearts, live from compassion, cooperation and selfless help, creating wonderful communities and networks of creative and caring people.


What have you started to like to eat here?  

Raw vegetables as snacks and sweet food for lunch such as Ovocné Knedlíky - fruit dumplings and Ovocný koláč - Fruit Pastry. Also to appreciate the poppy seeds as much as to add them in any meal. 


What are your plans for the future?

At the moment I try to sort out all the ideas I come back with. The forest school project has become something bigger. My idea is to create that network I was talking about in the other question, a community of people committed to the planet, which includes all species and respects everything it has to offer.

I believe that the way to address all the problems we face now is to share ideas and create new ways of living by connecting from our hearts, because no matter how much we change laws or systems, we act and behave from what we feel and think. So, working from there will be the way to influence everything that we are trying to address right now only rationally and each problem individually, when all are interrelated.





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